Burglars Break Into San Gabriel, Steal Computers

Melinda Ebrahimi, Staff Writer

Three computers were stolen from the top floor of the San Gabriel building after a burglar broke into several offices during the weekend of Nov. 8.

The offices broken into included SG 315, 318, and 319 in addition to 323, 367 and 368.

The suspect managed to break the windows of the doors to get in. Although there is currently no lead as to how many burglars were involved, investigators dusted for fingerprints at the scene of the crime.

Police Chief Gary Montecuollo said that the school works closely with the Glendale Police Department. Because there are no full-time detectives in the school’s police department, the college relies on the city.

During these kinds of cases, the department not only looks for any forensic evidence, such as fingerprints or footprints, but it also contacts other schools and police departments in the Southern California area to see if they have any similar cases of theft or breaking and entering.

They also scan social media to see if the stolen items have been sold online.

To lower the risk of theft, Montecuollo advises to never leave personal items unattended.

“Take the important stuff with you,” he said. “We like to trust people, but I would not do that.”

Montecuollo also said students should look out not only for their belongings but also for themselves when on or around campus.

He suggests changing the location of where students and faculty  park their cars and the routes they take home.

“If somebody is prone [to committing a crime] and wants to or has ideas that they want to commit a crime, often times they watch,” he said.

If anybody feels as if they are being followed, Montecuollo said to call campus police. Escorts are available to walk students to their cars. He also recommends carrying whistles and flashlights.

“Keep your head up and your eyes aware,” he said.