Thousands of Protesters March to Turkish Consulate


GENOCIDE PROTEST: Marchers take to the streets of the Miracle Mile Thursday, above. Zorig Kejejian, below, addresses the crowd in front of the Turkisn Consulate.

Moises Torres, Staff Writer

Cries for justice could be heard from miles away, as thousands of protesters filled the streets demanding acknowledgement of the Armenian genocide.

Marchers united to protest against the Turkish government for failing to acknowledge the Armenian genocide. However, this year was a little different.

This protest revolved around criticizing President Obama and the U.S. government for their failure to recognize the Armenian genocide.

“He [Obama] always says tragedy, crisis, or g-word, but he never says genocide. The Turkish government denies it too and we want people to recognize that it was the first genocide of the 20th century,” said Teni Bazikyan, adviser of the Armenian Student Association at GCC.

The protest consisted of marching 1.5 miles through the city streets of Hollywood, eventually joining with a larger crowd protesting in front of the Turkish consulate on Wilshire Boulevard.