Construction of New Building Picks Up the Pace


Moises Torres, Staff Writer

Construction of the College/Lab Services building is almost back on schedule after completing 90 percent of additional work resulting from the previous drainage system and groundwater problems.

February through March were busy as workers tried to stabilize conditions. The groundwater that was encountered during the foundation process also afflicted the drilling tests for the foundation of the building. A previous drainage system also gave workers a hard time, as unforeseen problems totaled a cost of $203,760.

After testing, the drainage system appeared operational and workers devised a cost- effective plan. They reinforced the drainage system by adding support to minimize costs.

April consisted of further stabilizing the foundation. In order for the building to be properly situated, it must sit on bedrock. In some areas, the bedrock was lower than perceived. Excavation followed by pouring the concrete needed to even out the base.

The college has appealed to the state to try to get some of the funds from the additional work back. The initial contract was set up with Mallcraft, of which $5 million was appropriated from the state. The college plans to augment its funds through this appeal.

Out of the $2.1 million contingency reserve, $850,000 was spent on structuring and stabilizing the foundation.