Armenian Culture Day – Exclusive Slideshow Coverage


Araks Terteryan, Staff Writer

The sounds of Armenian music, the high jumps of dancers and barbecue smoke filled Plaza Vaquero Thursday afternoon.

The Armenian Student Association hosted the yearly celebration of the native culture.

During the event the ASA displayed its national books and posters, giving the students a taste of Armenian culture at its best. The April Bookstore provided books and souvenirs to the club so that members could sell them during the event.

Slideshow Media Credit: Araks Terteryan

The dancers from Vanoush Khanamirian dance school entertained students, faculty and staff members who joined the celebration. They danced with so much emotion and passion that members of the audience joined in the circle.

Slideshow Media Credit: Araks Terteryan

“This year’s Culture Day was a huge success and it was an honor for me to host it,” Ani Chivchyan, the president of the ASA GCC said. “I’m so proud of our executive team and all our volunteers. Everything turned out great – we had such a fun time,” she said.

DJ Vahe entertained guests throughout the event, playing diverse music from his homeland.

Hungry guests stood in line to try the famous Armenian barbecue made by students during the event, the smell of which captivated the surrounding area. Additional food such as salad, humus, and lavash were donated by local Armenian restaurants and stores.

GCC president David Viar was also present at the event. He was impressed by the celebration.

“It is my first time seeing this, and it is very exciting,” said Viar. “I really liked the event.”

The next major event to be sponsored by the ASA will to be held in April, in remembrance of the Armenian Genocide. Interested students can attend the weekly meetings held on Thursdays at 12:20 p.m. in LB 220.