Student Government Discusses Plans for New Building

Monica Tecson-Lopez, Staff Writer

In its biweekly meeting, the ASGCC discussed several matters including secondary effects of the construction of the new College Services/Lab Building.

When the new building is complete, vacated spaces left by the departments moving into the building will be allocated to those in need of space and to other projects yet to be named.

Another item on the agenda was the installation of filtered reusable water bottle fountains on campus, which the environmental club wants to provide to the student body. There will be small stations where students can refill their water bottles to help our environment to stay plastic free.

During the discussion, the student government also talked about the effects of the student- learning outcome. Some professors give out short exams to their students at the beginning and end of every class to see if students are improving. This is to show that GCC is in keeping up with state standards.

Senator of Organization Hailey Carlson reported that a sink on the first floor of the San Gabriel building is deteriorating and may cause safety hazards for students and faculty who are in wheelchairs.

Another matter discussed was the Inter-Organizational Council Olympics to be held Oct. 29 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in Plaza Vaquero where there will be a cash prize of $150 for the club that wins, as well as a trophy.

ASGCC also said that 500 scholarships are given every year and the majority of them are awarded in the spring. To apply for the scholarships, you must have a 2.5 GPA and submit your application today.

For more information on scholarships call (818) 240-1000, ext. 5591.