SWAT Trains in Pre-Demolition Los Robles


The Glendale city SWAT team held training excersises in the Los Robles building on Oct. 9.

Araks Terteryan, Staff Writer

The Glendale Police Department’s SWAT team (Special Weapons and Tactical) conducted a training exercise in entry maneuvers at the GCC campus on Oct. 9.

The training took place at the Los Robles building, which is being demolished to make room for the new three-story College Lab/Services building.

“It was a very good opportunity for our team to get real life experience,” said Sgt. Hess of Glendale Police Department.

The Glendale College police department has had a long and good relationship with their counterpart in the city of Glendale.

GCC Police Chief Gary Montecuollo said, “One of the things that we are always trying to do is continue to reinforce and build that relationship between campus and Glendale Police Departments.”

If there were ever an emergency on or near the campus, GCC officers would respond immediately. But if the situation requires additional officers, GCC Police Department would call on Glendale Police Department.

“They provide us with mutual aid response, a cooperative relationship, they come to assist us if we need their help,” Montecuollo said.  “If they need help, we would do the same for them, but unfortunately the campus police department doesn’t have as many officers.”

In the case of Los Robles building, it provided a realistic training environment for the Glendale SWAT team. They got to have a real building , they actually broke some doors down , since that building is being destroyed anyway. They were able to simulate different scenarios that they may encounter at some point.

“I was the former commander of the Glendale SWAT team when I worked with Glendale Police Department, so I  called them and asked if they would like to help us to destroy one of our buildings, they, of course, agreed to help,” Montecuollo said.