Glendale Fire Department Extinguished Flaming Car in Front of GCC


Fire Fighters quickly arrive to the front of the main entrance to put out flames on a parked vehicle.

Jonathan Caballeros, El Vaquero Staff Writer

A black Mercedes Benz caught fire at the student unloading area, on Verdugo Road, causing firefighters to rush in and control the blaze, a little before noon on Tuesday.

“All I saw was the car pull up and it was smoking,” said Fabio Palmieri, 19, business major, “after the car stopped the front was on fire.”

The driver, Emily Sanford, 25, pulled over onto the area due to the front of her car building up smoke.

“The inside of my car actually started smoking,” said Sanford. “Once I stopped, the flames just started.”

Sanford’s husband, Levi, 25, was also in the car.

“The fire just started,” said Levi. “It was really random and crazy.”

Glendale Fire quickly came on scene and controlled the fire.

Station 24 Fire Captain, Mark Thomas said that the fire started in the engine compartment of the car, but aren’t completely certain what started the flames.

“Unfortunately, the car is a total loss,” said Thomas.

No injuries were reported on scene.