Associated Students Elect New Officers


Rachel Melikian/J110

VOTERS CAST BALLOTS: Arman Maroukyan, president of the Associated Students of Glendale Community College, checks the student ID of Julia Tarverdova before she votes.

Chantal Bevard, El Vaquero Staff Writer

The campus will have both new and returning Associated Student vice presidents and senators for the spring semester after students voted on Nov. 27 and 28.

Although the Associated Students invested in a new display board to promote the election and inform voters, only 946 ballots were cast out of more than 15,000 possible voters, compared to the 1,428 ballots that were cast during the spring election.

Taking over for Irene Ismailyan as vice president of administration will be Flora Martirosyan, who is currently a senator of administration.

“It was a very new experience for me,” Martirosyan said. “I met a lot of new friends and I think that’s most important; it’s the experience, the journey, not the winning that counts.”

Martirosyan was the clear winner with 494 votes as her competitor, Vedi Khachatourian, who is currently a senator of campus organizations, received 312 votes.

Darvill Rodriguez will be the next vice president of campus activities, replacing the current representative, Victoria Hagopian. Rodriguez is the current vice president of campus relations.

Rodriguez defeated Crystal Moreira, a senator of campus activities, and Martin Seyoung Jung, who had 257 and 61 votes, respectively.

Charlie Skaf beat out Jackie Tapia, a current senator of campus relations, for vice president of campus relations.

Skaf is involved with the Helping Hands club on campus, but does not have any experience in the student government at Glendale.

“I like to aim high and with my abilities I feel that I can do more for the school,” said Skaff at the ASGCC candidate forum on Nov. 26.

Davit Avagyan, a senator of campus organizations, was elected vice president of campus organizations with 423 votes. Avagyan was the only candidate after his possible competition, current vice president of organizations, Kevin Dimatulac, had to drop out of the race early on to help support his family. He explained that he had to get a job and that he wouldn’t be able to put as much time as he would like to into his position.

“I believe that if you can’t give 100 percent, then you shouldn’t give any at all,” Dimatulac said.

The Associated Students Legislature will have three new senators of administration: Cameron McGee, Tatiana Ratavosian and George Karapetyan, who beat out their competition, Nona Hovsepyan. McGee is currently a senator of administration and is heavily involved with ASGCC activities as the resident DJ. Ratavosian and Karapetyan are new to the ASGCC legislature.

John Oganian will return as a senator of finance along with Vahe Sargsyan, current senator of administration, and Sevana Hakopian, current representative of finance.

While the senators of finance are all returning members of the ASGCC legislature, all three recently elected senators of campus activities are new to the legislature.

It was Ariga Moses’ first time running for office.

“I can’t give any notable examples of my experience,” said Moses at the candidate forum.

Moses received 283 votes and will join Christina Yeghnazarian and Harutyun Harry Yerikyan as senator of campus activities. Yeghnazarian and Yerikyan received 299 and 243 votes, respectively.

Leah Bazik, current senator of campus activities; Caroline Aghajanian, current representative of administration; and Aram Ter-Oganesyan were all elected senators of campus relations.

All three candidates for senator of campus organizations, Daniela Contreras, Fred Seo Kim and Solene Manoukian, were elected. Contreras, a current representative of campus organizations, is the only returning member of the legislature.

Arman Marukyan will be returning as president/student trustee as he was elected to serve for a year during the spring semester of 2012.