ASGCC Eliminates Cheer Squad Account, Removes Officer at Last Meeting

ASGCC eliminates cheer squad account, removes officer at last meeting
Agnes Constante

In its final meeting of the semester, the Associated Students of Glendale Community College (ASGCC) approved the budget for the 2012-13 school year and removed an officer for neglect of duty.

One of the major changes in the budget was the elimination of the cheer squad account, which received $12,000 from the student government this year.

Paul Schlossman, dean of student affairs and ASGCC adviser, said the cheer squad account was originally set up to pay Coach Jessie Moorehead.

“It became a coaching stipend which was picked up by the college under the faculty contract, so if the college is going to do that you don’t need to appropriate the money for that,” he said.

Jon Gold, health & physical education division chair, said the elimination of the account does not mean the college will not have a cheer squad. Spirit and Cheer will still be offered as a class. The main impact this has is that Glendale’s cheer squad may not be able to travel to away games as often.

Athletics accounts overall received about $8,800 more funding than they were given this school year.

“We wanted to increase athletics because they’ve not only been doing well, they don’t get as much support as they need and it’s a really expensive program to run,” said Aram Gambourian, vice president of finance. “So we feel that we were doing pretty well. Our purpose is to help the students, serve the students, be a voice for the students. So I think a good way to help students is through athletics.”

Most other campus organizations received the same amounts they had for this school year. The Leadership Orientation, Leadership Awards and AS Newsletter accounts also received more money, about $265, $2,500 and $400, respectively.

In addition to financial matters, the student government made motions to remove officer Gor Sargsyan for absences and tardies to legislative and committee meetings. He was removed for neglecting his duties to the organization.

Gambourian brought the item to the final meeting’s agenda because he said Sargsyan failed to complete tasks he was assigned.

By saying one was part of GCC’s student government, that person receives credit for time and effort put into the organization, said ASGCC President Suzanna Sargsyan. During the vote on removing the officer, she asked members to consider whether or not it would be fair for him to list ASGCC as one of the activities in which he was involved.

“This organization has truly stepped up today by holding you guys accountable, because that’s how you’re going to be remembered,” said Joe Puglia, ASGCC adviser. “This organization is stellar, and one of the reasons why you are so stellar is because of self-accountability. You hold each other to a higher standard.”

Suzanna requested to adjourn the final meeting and thanked the members for their efforts this year.

“I wish you guys all great luck and thank you so much for all of your work and for being such an amazing and big part of my life,” she said.