ASGCC Elections Results

Angel Silva, Managing Editor

The Associated Students of Glendale Community College held elections for the fall semester’s student government positions from May 21 and 22, with 1,428 ballots cast during the course of two days.

Arman Marukyan was elected as president/student trustee over candidate Juliana Kim, 747-495. Irene Annette Ismailyan was elected as vice president of administration with 614 votes, and was the only candidate running for the position.

Arpa Shahijanian won the position of vice president of finance with 560 votes, beating Cameron McGee and Gor Sargsyan who had 478 and 212 votes respectively.

The vice president of campus activities position went to Victoria Hagopian, with 601 votes. Darvill Rodriguez was elected vice president of campus relations with 571 votes. Both candidates were the only ones running for their positions.

Kevin Dimatulac narrowly won the vice president of campus organization position over Alex Sosa by five votes, 355 to 350.

Flora Martirosyan and Vahe Sargsyan were elected as senators of administration, with 428 and 429 votes respectively.
Three new senators of finance were elected: Lorena Henriquez with 310 votes, Armen Mandirossian with 441 votes, and John Oganian with 294 votes.

The senator of campus activities positions went to Leah Bazik with 280 votes, Talar Shake Dersahakian with 361 votes, and Crystal Moreira with 314 votes.

Senator of campus relations positions went to Jack Han with 299 votes, Karla Mirey Salazar with 276 votes, and Jacqueline Tapia with 354 votes.

Senator of campus organizations positions went to Davit Avagyan with 391 votes, Micaela Cardenas with 379 votes, and Vedi Khachatourian with 359 votes.