Summer School Offered With Fewer Classes

Kristine Tuzon, El Vaquero Staff Writer

Glendale will be offering a limited number of classes during the summer due to major budget cuts to the community colleges.

Academic counselor Troy Davis said there are not a lot of classes offered this year compared to previous years.

“It has been scaled back significantly because of the cuts,” Davis said. “It’s a fraction of what’s been offered in the past.”

Jewel Price, dean of student services, said only 120 classes are offered this summer, which is down from 200 offered last year.

Glendale is one of the few colleges offering summer school in the Los Angeles area. Communications major Samantha Jose, 21, was not aware summer school was offered this year.

“I heard there wasn’t summer school,” Jose said. “I thought it was going to be like winter session only offering science and nursing classes.”

Roni Mehrabian, 22, psychology major, said he already looked at the summer schedule and wasn’t surprised by the small number of classes offered.

This summer will offer a one five-week session from June 18 to July 27.

In past years, Glendale offered two five-week sessions for the summer. The last time it was offered was back in 2009/2010.

Also, while less money is offered to community colleges, tuition is going up for students.

Price said the statewide tuition would rise up to $46 per unit starting this summer.

Registration will be crucial for students deciding to attend this summer. Priority registration will be offered to resident and current students.

First-time students and students enrolled in other community colleges will find it difficult to register for classes.

“At this point of time in the year, there is a influx of students coming from the LA schools that want to try to get in for our summer,” Davis said. “If they’re not resident students, then their registration date is at the end which means they’re not going to be able to get a class.”

Open registration is offered to all students after the priority registration period. There is a high possibility open registration will close in a short time depending if classes fill up.

Davis said there will always be open registration, but the chances of students getting classes then is very slim.

If students can’t get classes at GCC, Davis advises students to register in other community colleges as one way to reach their educational.

“Let’s face it, students are desperate.” Davis said. “People don’t want to stay in community college for 10 years and they shouldn’t have to.”

Both Davis and Price advise students who are planning to attend summer session to check online for their priority registration date and time and to not procrastinate because classes will fill up quickly.

Realizing now that summer school is being offered to everyone, Jose said she will try to enroll this summer. However, she has other alternatives if she does not get any classes.

“I probably will work or go to a community college in the valley,” Jose said.

Summer schedules and registration dates are now online at MyGCC.

Priority registration starts from May 14 to 18. Open registration will follow after.

Students cannot enroll in more than seven units or otherwise specified online on their MyGCC registration date.