Police Blotter Highlights Vandalism, Car Theft

Alex Gonzalez, El Vaquero Staff Writer

With less than a month left in the semester, smoking violations have decreased, while vandalism and grand theft auto headline Glendale College’s police blotter.

On May 2, a 19-year-old student who was attending Glendale College pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to allegedly tagging on the campus, officials said.

The student is linked to 31 tagging incidents at Glendale College.

A police cadet at the college noticed the tagging on the student’s notebook and reported it to the college police.

The damage done to the school is estimated at $2,235.

On May 1, equipment from the media arts building was taken, and was not returned. Faculty of the media arts department reported the theft.

On April 30, three cases of vandalism were reported in the San Gabriel building at the same time. Two of the cases were engraved tagging and the third was graffiti.

On April 28, officers reported two traffic stops close to the Glendale campus. The first infraction was on Canada Boulevard and Hiawatha Drive. The other was on Mountain Street and Verdugo Road. The officers that stopped the motorist at both locations handed warnings and no tickets were issued.

On April 27, a hit and run was reported in the lot B parking structure. According to Glendale College Police, a red Toyota Camry had traded paint with a black Toyota Camry. The driver of the red Camry fled the scene before officers arrived.

On April 26, officers were notified about a female student who was threatened by her husband in the health center. No arrests were made and the case is still under investigation.
Later that evening, a GMC truck and a Ford SUV collided outside the campus. Glendale police assisted in the scene and aided in removing the vehicles from the street.

On April 25, officers responded  to a call of grand theft auto. According to the report, a blue Honda Accord was stolen from the parking structure on the second floor. Officers from the LAPD found the vehicle in Downtown Los Angeles and notified the driver later that evening.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to contact the police department to report any illegal activities or safety concerns. (818) 240-1000 ext. 5205.