Police Blotter Features Burglary, Alcohol


JUST THE FACTS: A student describes being assaulted by another student. Officer Neil Carthew and Cadet Michael Wyatt take the report.

Alex Gonzalez, El Vaquero Staff Writer

While smoking violations and parking tickets are not rare at Glendale College, public intoxication and a burglary made the blotter within the first two weeks of semester.

Approximately at 3:15 p.m. on Feb. 15, officers were notified about a burglary in parking lot C.

It was reported that someone had broken into a car and stole a GPS navigation unit and $100. The vehicle was parked on the second floor of the structure.

There are no suspects nor are there any witnesses to help in the case.

On Feb. 14 officers received a call reporting a drunk male in parking lot I. When officers arrived they were told that the man had been drinking and vomiting in the parking lot.

When the officers tried to approach the suspect, he fled the scene. They ordered the man to stop numerous times until they eventually were able to trap him in between a wall and a picnic table.

The man originally assumed a fighting stance, but finally submitted to the officers and sat on the table.
Back at the scene, officers found a tequila bottle that was three quarters empty. Upon his arrest, it was discovered that the male had five outstanding warrants. He was transported to Glendale City jail.

On Feb. 13, there was a call reporting theft at the library. Officers were told that the victim had been studying, then got up from the study cubical, leaving a cellphone out in the open.

When the student returned, the phone was gone. The student reported the phone missing and it has not yet been returned.

Also on Feb. 13, a patrolling officer spotted a man jaywalking across Verdugo Road. After the officer questioned the individual and ran his name through the system, he found that the individual had a warrant from the Glendale police. The individual was cited and released at the scene.

Later that afternoon, police stopped a vehicle for making an illegal U-turn. When the officer approached the three members in the car, he smelled marijuana.

The officer asked the three to exit the vehicle so he could search it. A green leafy substance was found in a small container, as well as hash oil.

The driver of the car was arrested and taken to Glendale City Jail. His car was towed and the two passengers were released.

The Glendale police also want to remind students that if they are smoking in restricted areas, they will be cited, this includes littering cigarette butts.