Associated Students: 72 Days and Possible $7.5 million cut

Agnes Constante, El Vaquero Copyeditor

With a possible $7.5 million cut in the college’s $81 million-budget, the Associated Students of Glendale Community College (ASGCC) is determined to better the lives of the student body in the remaining days its current members have left in office.

The Associated Students held its first meeting of the spring semester 7 a.m. Tuesday in the Student Center.

“Seventy-two days isn’t a long time to make a difference. It’s really difficult and the semester passes by really fast,” said Suzanna Sargsyan, Associated Students president. “There is no time to spare so we need to use everyday that we have to make this school a better place for our students.”

One of the ways in which ASGCC intends to make change is by participating in the March in March next month in Sacramento. Members plan to meet with legislators face-to-face because they feel it will be more effective in making their voices heard, whereas protesting outside the capital just draws media attention, said Sargsyan.

Associated Students recognizes that the continuing budget crisis is currently the biggest hurdle facing students.

“Just keep in mind that our state is not doing too good and it’s also going to get worse,” said Aram Gambourian, vice president of finance, who informed members of Glendale’s prospective budget cut this year. “So we need to find ways to cope with the situation.”

The Associated Students also approved $800 to fund the welcome back barbecue, which will be held Thursday.

The next ASGCC meeting will be held at 7 a.m. Feb. 21 at the Student Center.