New Student Officers Elected for Spring

The election committee has counted the ballots and determined the results for the ASGCC spring 2012 election, which occurred on Nov. 29 and 30.

Lucy Agazaryan is the new vice president of administration with 316 votes.

Bianca Saleebyan, who was only candidate for the position, was elected vice president of campus activities and received 350 votes.

Darvill Rodriguez was elected as the vice president of campus relations with 231 votes.

Juliana Kim, the current vice president of campus organizations, was elected again with 338 votes and was the only candidate for this position.

All three candidates for senators of administration won the election. Michael Ariavand, Irene Ismailyan and Sevana Zadorian received 186, 223 and 223 votes respectively.

Gor Sargsyan, Hasmik Simidyan and Andranik Dertsakyan are the senators of finance. Each received 190, 219 and 185 votes respectively.

The three senators of campus activities are Kevin Felix Paramio Dematulac, 204; Arootin Ghazarian, 242; and Victoria Hagopian, 289.

Margaret Andriassian, 255, Tatiana Ratavosian, 240, and Raquelle Ross, 293, were elected as senators of campus relations.

The three senators of campus organizations are Cameron Ronnel McGee, 222; Hovsep Ouzounian, 205; and Armen Ter-Oganesyan, 223.