Bookstore Employees Spared the Axe

John Ferrera

All Glendale College bookstore employees were rehired by Follett Corp. on Thursday, after months of having their job security threatened.

“There are no pay cuts at all; things are looking good, [the employees] are very relieved they are not losing their jobs,” said 19-year bookstore director Anjali Stanislaus.

When the Associated Students selected Follett as the company to privatize the GCC bookstore more than a month ago, many of the bookstore employees feared the possibility of pay cuts or even termination.

While all six full-timers were contractually guaranteed to be rehired as Follett employees, no part-time employees, many of whom have been working for the book store more than 10 years, had such assurances in the short term.

“It’s very sad; we don’t know if were going to have a job tomorrow,” said an employee, who chose to remain anonymous prior to the rehiring process.

But on Thursday, the part-timers were relieved to hear they would be officially receiving job offers from Follett, all of whom accepted. However, official hours will not be guaranteed.

“As we learn more about the campus and bookstore operating requirements we will adjust employee hours to the needs of the store for part-time associates,” said Follett regional manager Susanne Duits.

The bookstore was closed all day on Thursday, as Follett began an extensive two-day training program with employees. Among other things, training was given on how to operate the new cash registers put in place, use Microsoft Excel, and the process of the secret shopper program that will be used to assure consistency in customer service.

Although winter session will be practically non-existent this year, Follett will be keeping the bookstore open during a time which it is usually closed, as they restock and prepare for spring semester.

According to Stanislaus, all workers will be receiving similar health, dental, and vision benefits that they had as employees of the school, as well as a 401K plan that

will absorb the money accumulated from their previous CalPERS benefits. Dollar-for-dollar, Follett will be matching the amount employees put into their 401K up to 4 percent.

“I am not disappointed at all, in fact I am quite pleased; the offers that have been made are very good,” said Stanislaus.