Broken Pipe Causes Massive Flooding

Nik Brkic

The steps in front of the the administration building looked like a 100-foot Slip n’ Slide after a pipe broke sending a stream of water down the steps on April 28.

“The pipe broke because Glendale Water and Power changed the water pressure,” gardener Alberto Kleeman said.

The stream of water caused students to take a different route to their classes. Some decided to brave the 2-inch high mini-river. There were three notable types that the students crossed the torrent.

The first was the tiptoer, who navigated slowly trying to find the shalowest areas. The second was the slow-mover-to-fast. Like the tiptoer, people of this type moved slowly but when water splashed on them they gave up the tight rope attempt and ran when they were half way accross. The final, and most successful, was the sprinter who tried to take the least amount of steps when crossing.

Executive Vice President Ron Nakasone was walking by the water and a student sarcastically asked him if this was going to have an effect on the budget. Nakasone laughed and continued on to the administration building.

Kleeman said that there have been many broken pipes recently. There was a broken pipe by a big oak tree near the auditorium as well as a broken pipe near the street light on the northern side of the school.

The water pipe was shut off after approximately 45 minutes.