Police Arrest Two Students for Burglaries

Adriana Orellana

The City of Glendale Police Department, with the help of the GCC School Police, arrested two GCC students at gunpoint on March 16 for three burglaries in parking Lot B.

Misak Israelyan and Arman Israelyan were arrested in Parking Lot 33 when someone in Lot 34 reported two men suspiciously looking around at a few vehicles. The officer in Lot 34 requested the assistance of a GCC police officer. The police officer in Lot 33 called in a Code 3, which means the use of lights and sirens.

The burglaries reported on the two men occurred on March 15, in the evening hours because students reported their stolen items between 9:30 and 10 p.m.

“The burglars had seemed to be targeting high-end vehicles, such as Escalades and Tahoes, punching the locks out with tools and breaking the windows,” said Erin Kurasz, police captain at GCC.

Among the stolen items were money, wallets and sunglasses.

“When the students were arrested they [had] in their possession items that were identified by the robbed students as theirs,” said Kurasz. “Since their arrest, there haven’t been more vehicle burglaries reported.”

A report was also sent to the dean of student services regarding the two students, one who was a current student and the other a former student.

The students were taken to the Glendale police station.

“People need to close windows and not leave any items visible in their cars,” said Blanca Collazo, GCC police officer. “Any small opening in a window allows burglars to open up a car.”

Another incident that the GCC police responded to a reckless driving incident on March 15 involving another GCC student. The student, Linette Keshavarzi, was parked in a red-zone and blocking an area in a parking lot.

A GCC police officer was writing her a ticket and Keshavarzi ran to her car and attempted to drive away, even after the officer told her that he was issuing her a ticket.

She sped off, almost hitting two people with her car. She was stopped and when the officer asked her for her license and registration, and she was only able to provide an expired insurance card and had left her driver’s license at home.

Keshavarzi provided false identification, providing a false name and birth date. She was brought to the Glendale police station
and booked for felony
false impersonation.

A Garfield campus officer and a cadet arrested a juvenile, who was on parole and out of class, for possession of alcohol and marijuana. The juvenile resisted and had to be cuffed onto a paramedic’s bed for testing. He was booked at the Glendale police jail and was later taken to the Central Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles.