Glendale Votes On Education, Council

Toni Davis

Glendale’s Municipal Election will be on Tuesday, April 5. The election center is now located at the Glendale Police Department Community Room, 131 N. Isabel St., and district polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The community will be voting for the different candidates: one of the six candidates running for Glendale City Council; one of the three running for Glendale City College Board of Trustees and one of the eight running for Glendale Unified School District Governing Board.

The community will also be voting for Measure S. If Measure S is approved by voters, it will give the district the authority to borrow up to $270 million in general bonds for educational spending.

Residents in the school district are currently paying for Measure K, which was passed in 1997. If Measure S is approved, both measures would have a combined tax rate. A 55 percent majority vote is required for approval.

For more information on the election, candidates, or to view a sample ballot visit or call (818) 548-4000.