Gatto vs. Ramani: Fight For Assembly District 43

Nik Brkic

The assembly race for the 43rd district will be a rematch betweem incumbent Democrat Mike Gatto and Republican Sunder Ramani. The 43rd is comprised of Glendale, Burbank and parts of North Hollywood.

Mike Gatto is an attorney who graduated from Loyola law school. He also attended Los Angeles City College, UC Berkeley and UCLA. He was an aide to Congressman Brad Sherman.
Sunder Ramani is a small business owner. He attended both Glendale Community College and Cal State Northridge, graduating from the latter. He has served on the board of directors for the National Federation of Independent Business.

Some issues that the candidates disagree on are regulation and their views on this year’s budget. Gatto believes that California may need more reforms to make the government run better. Ramani is adamant that there must be a reduction in regulations.

In regard to the budget, Gatto sees the budget in a positive light. Gatto said, “It (the budget) did not raise taxes and it gave more money to higher education.” Ramani had a different take on the current budget saying, “The whole budget is smoke and mirrors. Expenses from this year are being shifted to next year. Revenue from next year is be accounted for in this year.”

Both candidates feel that the key to fixing the economy will involve small businesses staying and growing in California. Gatto feels that California laws are sending businesses to other states. He said, “We have to make sure we have enough incentives for business.” Gatto said that California businesses are being penalized for hiring Californians and that needs to change.

Ramani agrees that small businesses are a key to economic recovery. Ramani said, “We are suffering from a revenue problem. We need businesses to be willing to risk capital.” He talked about the need to make it easier on businesses to operate in California.

Gatto believes there must be adequate funding of basics of government such as paving the roads and education. He said that they cannot be overlooked. Gatto said, “All basics have suffered because of the economic downturn.”

Ramani thinks that California needs to “reduce the number of mandates.” He said that for education there has been adding of mandate after mandate but no funding has been allocated to the mandates.