Pared-down Winter Session, Staff Planned by Trustees

Daniel Choi

The board of trustees discussed the recommendation of a CEO search firm and prospective changes to the 2010 winter session among other topics in a meeting on Oct. 19 in Kreider Hall.

The Board of Trustees Advisory Hiring Committee prepared a recommendation to hire Professional Personnel Leasing Inc., under Donald Averill, to help conduct the search for GCC’s new president. Interim superintendent/president Dawn Lindsay is expected to be replaced by July 1, 2010.

The road to recommendation took two meetings to reach. It began with the committee reviewing proposals submitted by six search firms at the first meeting, then narrowing the search to two at the second. After interviewing the selected firms, the committee asked the board of trustees to approve the recommendation of Professional Personnel Leasing for several reasons.

As stated in the Report of Recommendation, “Dr. Averill knows the history of Glendale Community College as a former employee of 11 years. The search firm has community college experience and a good track record. And it has reasonable services and a fee structure.”

Following the recommendation, Ricardo Perez, chair of the committee, gave a further update on the search for a new president.
“We are using to figure out how we’re going to schedule 16 members and our consultant (PPL) within the next two to three weeks to finalize a job description and move forward with a time line for this process.”

The board approved the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the 2010 winter session. A tentative agreement was established on Oct. 5 to change the working hours of more than 350 college employees. Staff members working in financial aid and student services are among those affected by the agreement.

Instead of working five eight-hour days, they will work four 10-hour days. This will allow certain buildings to close on Fridays, saving money on utility bills.
“We appreciate the flexibility of the California Schools Employee Association in being willing to work a four-day week because it sounds wonderful, but 10 hours a day is sometimes difficult and it’s nice to have that other day,” Ransford said.

The trustees also approved Resolution No.11, which sponsors the nomination Bhupesh Parikh for the 2010 Ellis Island Medal of Honor.
The National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations sponsors the medals every year. They are awarded to American citizens who commit their lives to community service, celebrate their ancestry and strive to create a better world.

Parikh, a civil engineer, built a school for young girls with physical disabilities in his hometown, Kadi, India. He also donated $1 million to GCC for construction of the Bhupesh Health Science and Technology Building in 2005.

“He deserves this so well,” said trustee Ann Ransford. “Not only for everything he has done in his own distinguished career, but for giving back to the community.
“I think that’s really the part that makes him merit the award because a lot of people can become successful but they don’t share it back and he is somebody who has done that.”

Addressing the H1N1 flu, Dr. Mary Mirch, acting vice president of instructional services and former associate dean of health services, presented a video put out by the State Chancellor’s Office.

“The most important thing that anyone can remember during this time when preparing for illness and the flu in particular, is good common sense,” said Mirch.

“You don’t cough into your hands. Anybody with a child knows you cough into your sleeve.wash your hands and if you’re sick, you stay home.”

The board presented a plaque of appreciation to Pasadena Fire Chief Dennis Downs for donating an ambulance to the college. Giving credit to the Pasadena City Council, Chief Downs said, “On behalf of the city of Pasadena, I’m accepting this plaque. Recognize that I’m just the facilitator. It was the city council that saw the vision to be able to donate the ambulance.

“To be able to train students to be top level EMT’s with the same equipment they would have once they get out into the field of working is invaluable.”

The next board of trustees meeting will be held on Nov. 16 at 5 p.m. in Kreider Hall.