Reward for Slain Student’s Murder Renewed

Judy Del Castillo

There are still no suspects in the murder of GCC student Hayk Oganyan, who was killed at a Northridge party on April 11, but the L.A. City Council will renew the $50,000 reward for any information.

The extension of the reward, which expires on Nov. 14, was confirmed by Devonshire homicide Detective Michael Fesperman, though a new date has not been decided yet. When asked if anyone has come forward, Fesperman said, “We have nothing at this time,” since the incident occurred five months ago.

The Glendale Armenian Athletic Association, or simply referred to as Hommenmen, held a fundraiser in Oganyan’s memory on May 31. The event raised more than $3,000 for the Hayk Oganyan Charity.

“The fundraiser was just for the youths to eat, and his family spoke about Hayk and the charity,” said Vahan Khodanian, director of public relations. “We raised money from food, donations, and T-shirts.”

The Hayk Oganyan Charity was founded by Oganyan’s mother to stop gang violence and award scholarships to Armenian students.
“His mom. when [Hayk] was gone, that’s it. She has a daughter, but she’s only 1 or 2-years-old. Pretty much all she had was Hayk, and so she tries to live his life through the organization,” said Khodanian.

Regarding any upcoming events, Khodanian said one is in the works with the Armenian rapper, R-Mean, who volunteered to have a free concert to benefit the charity, although an actual date is still uncertain.

Oganyan was killed during an attempted robbery when three men, who were described as Latinos with shaved heads in their early 20s, approached him and his friend as they were leaving the party shortly before midnight. Both were stabbed even as they surrendered their wallets – Oganyan in the chest and neck. He died later that evening at Northridge Hospital from a severed artery. Detective Fesperman said gang involvement is possible, but it cannot be confirmed until a suspect is arrested.

Anyone with any information leading to the arrest of the persons involved is urged to call Detective Michael Fesperman or Detective Jeff Sandefur from the Los Angeles Police Department Devonshire Division at (818) 832-0609.