Associated Students Appoint New President

Corinna Scott

After thanking those who attended a surprise inaugural ball, Oavsanna Khachikian, the newly elected president of the Associated Students of Glendale Community College turned her attention to a report on block scheduling at the ASGCC meeting on March 31.

“The block scheduling taskforce was created as a result of a vote during the March campus executive committee meeting.? I serve as the student representative along with one other associated student officer,” said Khachikian.

Khachikian is one of two students on a task force organized by the campus executive committee, and said the committee decided to look at creating a schedule for fall based on a different set of time blocks for different classes. “Block scheduling is being mandated by the state chancellor’s office for all community colleges by 2010,” she said.

Khachikian became Associated Students president when former ASGCC president Steven Ferguson resigned from
the position.

“Steven Ferguson resigned at the end of the fall semester,” said Khachikian.?

She explained that at the time Ferguson was running for city council in Burbank. He realized that he either had to concentrate on his campaign or continue with his roles as ASGCC president and student trustee, because doing both would be too much to handle at once.

According to the ASGCC constitution, there is a line of succession to the presidency.? When there is a vacancy in office, such as when Ferguson left, the executive committee makes a recommendation for appointment.?

“The executive committee recommended my appointment to the members of the associated student legislature,” said Khachikian.
On Jan. 20, the appointed vice president of administration called a special meeting, during which Khachikian was appointed as associated student president and student trustee by a unanimous vote.?Prior to her selection, she was serving a one year term as the associated students vice president of finance.

“Subcommittees are discussing the best possible scheduling options that would benefit students the most,” said Tzolar Oukayan, student activites coordinator, “that would include expanding courses we offer and increasing the number of classes.”

Oukayan said that ASGCC is conducting a survey to determine what kind of scheduling will benefit students the most.

In other news, $300 was approved for the Rotaract Club from the campus project support fund to have speakers visit campus for an event.

From the organizational event support fund, $250 was approved for the Creative Minds Club for their enchilada sale.

A free hugs day was held on April 2 by members of the ASGCC in Plaza Vaquero.
The ASGCC meets every Tuesday at 7 a.m. in the student center and is open to the public.