Food Fair Features Persian Delights

Corinna Scott

The smell of kabob sandwiches hung thickly in the air as people gathered around the booth selling sandwiches on Dec. 2.

The Persian Association sold the sandwiches to raise funds for the upcoming Persian New Year festivities, celebrated by many students and faculty alike in March.

Evelina Shahvergian, president of the Persian Association, said that the Persian New Year Festival, also known as the Nowruz Bazaar, is the biggest event of all the clubs on campus, with its variety of booths selling rugs, art, flowers, food, jewelry, and pastries, as well as playing music and dancing-inviting guests to participate.

In addition to beef kabob sandwiches and yogurt drinks, the Persian Association sold goods such as soup mixes, tea, lemon juice and roasted eggplant, which were donated by Sadaf, a company that specializes in Kosher and Mediterranean foods.

“Sadaf has been sponsoring us [the club] for years,” said Shahvergian, explaining the food that they sold was typical traditional Iranian cuisine.

Angine Vartoonian, like other members in the club, comes from Iran and was looking for a place on campus where she could “feel normal.” She joined the Persian Association for just that reason.

Vartoonian said that meetings are held half in Farsi, for students who have just come from Iran, and half in English, for students who may not speak Farsi. Vartoonian also said that members do not have to be Persian in order to join.

Sandwiches and yogurt products were provided by Stop In of Glendale. Glenoaks Urgent Care also sponsored the sale.