Ceramics Sale Offers Holiday Gifts

Ken Malate

The ceramics department held its bi-annual ceramics sale on Saturday, showcasing fantastic items created by students from the department.

People who assembled in student center 212 included faculty members, students, and other ceramic enthusiasts looking for that great deal on a unique artwork. There were many choices from bowls, to tea cups, to plates colorfully designed and artistically glazed.

“Eighty percent of the proceeds rightfully go back to the students whose creations were sold,” said Mark Poore, head of the ceramics department. “The department then keeps 20 percent, which pays for supplies like postcards and postages.”

According to Poore, there are more than 1,300 people on the mailing list, not including those who hear from word of mouths and those who read from ads in the paper, so the ceramics department is confident about the turnout for this sale.

“The winter sale is always a little bigger because people are shopping for the holidays. With the way the economy is going now, hopefully this is a good way [for the customers] to find inexpensive gifts,” said Poore.

Many faculty members attended the ceramics sale. Trudi Abram, head of the art department, was among the shoppers.

“I look forward to coming to this sale every semester because it’s just wonderful. The quality is absolutely fantastic and you can’t find anything like this anywhere else. I’m very proud of this [ceramics] program,” said Abram.

Along with the faculty members, many students also attended the sale, few of whom were ceramics students.

“I like this event because as a student, I can see a lot of them in its evolving phases,” said ceramics student Demi Drew. “I’m in awe every time I come to class because of the creativity and talent that I see from the people in the class. Mark [Poore] always says, ‘everyone starts off with 25 pounds of clay’, and it amazes me what people can do with them.”

Generally, anyone who comes to shop to this sale never leaves disappointed, including a first time shopper like Alan Mulhall.

“I think it’s cool that the department encourages these artists to sell their work. It’s great how they can work on their skills in the class, and it shows in these pieces,” said Mulhall.

For more information on the ceramics department, contact Mark Poore at (818) 240-1000, ext. 5543.