‘Expedition Inspiration;’ Stars Benefit Breasts

Claudia Anaya

The Donnas, The All-American Rejects, Taylor Dane, and Gretchen Bonaduce’s band, Ankhesenamen, all rocked out for the cure for breast cancer at the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood on Oct. 23.

More than 150 people attended the event hosted by Expedition Inspiration’s Annual Laura Evans Memorial Breast Cancer Symposium and USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center that evening to move research forward and help find a cure.

“I know a lot of people who have been affected by breast cancer and I’m more than happy to be here; it’s great to make people aware of the cause,” said Tyson Ritter, lead vocalist of The All-American Rejects.
One out of eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives.
Katie Powell, acting executive director of Expedition Inspiration, had worked with founder, Laura Evans “very closely for seven years until she passed away of a brain tumor; it was awful because she survived breast cancer after being diagnosed at a 15 percent change of living for five years,” said Powell.

Teresa Michaels volunteered at the event because she felt the need to help.
“My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, my sister in law had cancer and I just wanted to do something for women,” said Michaels, whose sister is now cancer-free.
Bonaduce knows that the disease in one way or another has affected people.

“Everyone’s been touched by breast cancer, I know 15 people, if it’s not them it’s their aunt, their mother everyone is affected by it, so it’s really important that everybody supports it, anything I can do, even just playing for this is something I really like to do,” said Bonaduce, who enjoys to play at Universal City Walk.

That night, the total amount of funds raised was $30,000 and will continue to increase during the remaining days of October.
Expedition Inspiration is now accepting contributions towards funding for breast cancer research at www.expeditioninspiration.org.