Ready to Ride? ‘VAQ PAQ’ Concept Ready to be Unveiled

Corinna Scott

Students may have noticed large banners on campus with the words “VAQ PAQ” on them. These banners are the beginning of what organizers hope will become a school spirit program, developed by the Associated Students of Glendale Community College (ASGCC).

The term “vaq pack” comes from “vaquero pack,” meaning group of cowboys – the school mascot. The school spirit program is based on the heritage of the hard-working, industrious and resilient Spanish cowboy. The idea of having a Spanish cowboy as a mascot originated more than 20 years ago.
“We’re developing a community on campus where we’re proud to be Glendale College students. We’re proud to be vaqueros,” said Steve Ferguson, president of ASGCC, at a board of trustees meeting on Sept 15.

Ferguson said the group is creating a $5 T-shirt that will be sold to faculty, staff and student. Students who sign up and provide e-mail addresses will receive notifications for football games.

“With the new vaq pack comes our new ‘vaq pack call.’ Someone will say ‘saddled up,’ and then someone else will say ‘ready to ride,'” said Ferguson.

Cecilia Aksu, co-chair of the vaq pack and vice-president of student activities, said Ferguson came up with the name and helped come up with the idea for the program.
Aksu said the program would be a way to increase school spirit and get everyone involved with football games. The idea, she said, was originated in the late July by the executive board and was introduced to the new members at a September retreat in Ojai. The project is still undergoing metamorphosis.

“It’s not the butterfly yet,” said Aksu. “We’re meeting with the committee over the course of this next month to kick it off.”

When asked how the associated students would involve the faculty Aksu said we haven’t ironed that out; many ideas are in the process of being formed. She said on-campus spirit makes for a good atmosphere.
“We’re meeting with the committee over the course of this next month to kick it off,” she said.

Christine Shirvaniah, senator of actives and co-chair of the vaq pack program said that more information would be available later.