Glendale Residents ‘Green Up’ at Festival

Fabiola Prieto

Glendale’s first Eco Expo was held on Sept. 20 at Cerritos Park, organized by the Committee for a Clean and Beautiful Glendale.

This was the culminating event of the “Torch Run for the Environment” fundraiser, in which representatives from local businesses and organizations ran more than 10 miles in support of upcoming environmental programs for the city.

The torch run was initiated by Glendale Mayor John Drayman, at Crescenta Valley Park at 8 a.m. Participants included: the Glendale Department of Water and Power, Lexus of Glendale, The Glendale News Press, and Harley Davidson of Glendale, among others.

Emily Vindeni, 38, representing Harley Davidson of Glendale, handed the torch to the master of ceremonies, Ardy Kassakhian, who awarded all the participants with medals.
The proceeds will be used to create a Clean Campus Anti-Litter Curriculum for all schools in Glendale, Montrose and La Crescenta. It will also be used to develop a guide that “will feature ecological tips and best practices for Glendale residents.”

As an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful Inc., CCBG maintains an ongoing effort to improve the quality of Glendale’s neighborhoods.

“I know at the college you have a bad time. We put extra bins there,” said Margaret Hammond, who has been a member of the organization for 20 years.

The anti-litter group many programs, such as the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program and the Terminate All Glendale Graffiti agenda.
During the expo, attendees learned about green practices, such as keeping a compost bin. Tom Brady, a recycling coordinator in charge of the Public Works Division booth, showcased the process of home composting using worms. As he disgusted adults and delighted children with his demo, he said, “I have a [worm] bin in my office for public officials and customers to see.” Brady’s department offers home composting bins for a discounted price.

Tree People was also there; the services they presented include donation and maintenance of trees and educational programs for kids. Whole Food Markets gave samples of environment-friendly products; Glendale Water and Power explained energy-saving procedures; and the Coalition for a Green Glendale introduced the new community garden that will open soon in the city.
“I think it’s very important. Everyone needs to know how to be more environmentally helpful,” said Tania Manamshian, 19, a psychology major from GCC who attended the event.

Nalini Lasiewicz, coordinator of the Energy Exhibit at GCC, shares the same feeling, and was in charge of the demonstration of solar power.

Now that the college has recently added a solar panel system and the city has adopted a committed ecological agenda, Glendale grows green.
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