Online Orientation Keeps Pace With Technology

Fabiola Prieto

As technology continues to revolutionize in order to keep up with our fast-paced lives, the deaths of the corner bookstore, independent music store, and the travel agency have been realized with the booming popularity of virtual substitutes such as, iTunes, and

Now available on the Glendale Community College Web site is an online orientation. Not long ago, this information was given in either a one-unit student development class, or a one-hour on-campus workshop.

The online orientation, developed by Jewel D’Aloia Price, dean of student services, is a multi-media presentation packed with essential information to get new and current students on their paths to success.

A photo-link at the bottom of GCC’s homepage takes the visitor to an introduction of the orientation where he or she is given a brief description of the site, the requirements to complete the orientation and the opportunity to earn credit for participation, as well as a set of navigational tips.

The orientation welcomes the visitor with a video message from President Audre Levy.
“I’m sure you will enjoy this video as well as your time on Glendale Community College campus,” says Levy, as she concludes her message, “where we make you our number one priority.”

The main menu directs visitors to information on academic programs, career technical programs, enrollment services, financial services, support services, campus life, college success, and student conduct and safety.

At the end of each section, one-question quizzes, such as where to go to obtain a parking permit, or where one should go when feeling overwhelmed with first-semester jitters, serve as a way to track the visitor’s progress throughout the orientation in order to earn credit.

Both new and current students will find that the orientation provides all the tools necessary to achieve educational success.

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