Petition Week Ends for Student Government Hopefuls; Vote May 21-22

Allan Beglarian

On a balmy Friday, as time began its rapid race toward the end of petition week, the registration period ended for candidates who aspire to join the team of student governors, the Associated Students of Glendale Community College (ASGCC).

“I have to get a lot more students involved with the school, and just have people more aware of what’s going on and get them involved as well,” said Silva Ratevosyan, 20, biology major, as she rushed to complete the 100 signatures needed to qualify as a candidate.

“We do our elections every semester toward the end of that semester to get students in for the following semester, the fall 2008 semester,” said Tzoler Oukayan, student activities coordinator. “There is a petition process that they [candidates] must follow.

There are only two positions that are elected once a year, the president of the student body and the vice president of finance, all other positions are elected every semester.

“Right now, all 21 positions are available for office. The president’s position is available; all five vice presidential positions, all senator positions and the representatives at large will be appointed before the semester starts in the summertime.”

“My goals for the next year, hopefully, if elected is to one, expand the role of ASGCC on campus, to reach out to different social groups as well as to increase student participation on campus activities, so that includes sports games, on campus activities that we throw every Tuesday and Thursday,” said Steven Ferguson, 19, political science, and a presidential candidate for the fall 2008 ASGCC.

“Beyond that, really taking an active role . . . we are going through budget cuts right now, keeping $20 a unit respected and retained at school level and making sure all students are respected . . .” he said.
For the candidates, petition week started with a mandatory informational meeting that was a “must attend,” in order to proceed further.

“We cover the basis of what the election code is, the process of election, just what ASGCC is about, kind of giving them an idea,” said Oukayan. “I sit and talk with each new candidate, people we don’t know or who are new to the idea of election, to make sure they understand what positions are available and what the expectations and requirements are while in office.”

Following a mandatory meeting during the petition week, a candidate must complete and turn-in the petition request forms, which involves the collection of 100 signatures from fellow students who are willing to nominate the candidate. They must prepare a candidate statement and get their picture taken for the candidate board by the 3 p.m. deadline of the petition week, according to Oukayan.

Other qualifications for a candidate include the completion of a minimum of 30 units and enrollment in at least nine units at the time of their nomination, as stated in the fall 2008 election packet given to all candidates.

The elections will take place in Plaza Vaquero on May 21 and 22, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at which time the polls will close. They reopen both days from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. to give all students a chance to cast their votes.

There will be election booths staffed by minimum of two non-partisan students, who are not running or campaigning for anyone, supervised by the student affairs office, according to Oukayan.

“The earliest date when the results will be announced is the following Friday after the elections close, on May 23,” said Oukayan.