Earth Day Festival Urges Students to ‘Renew, Reuse, Recycle’

Mariam Grigoryan

Project: Earth Tomorrow held a festival Thursday with music, organic foods and smoothies in Plaza Vaquero.

An aisle of booths exhibited posters made by the club members on how to keep the environment clean and what everyone can do to maintain it.

A speaker from Friends of the Los Angeles River (FOLAR), Jonathon Brooks, who is the science outreach coordinator, sat behind a table covered in brochures, fliers and a map of Los Angeles County.

Brooks took the time to explain how the river was tested, gave a brief history of how the river used to look and the role of humans in our environment. He explained how the organization operates and what members of the community should do to contribute to the keep our community clean.

Brooks was ready to answer any questions students had and encourage them to participate in their projects such as 19th Annual La Gran Limpieza, to be held Saturday, “the largest urban river clean up in the country.”

“Earth before humanity. This is our home, we have to take care of it,” said Linda Heredia, 22, Project: Earth Tomorrow member.

The observers about the objects presented at the nearby table. A few crossword puzzles “15 Steps to a Better World” which were based on the 15 facts displayed around the tables were passed out. Whoever solved them won an indoor plant.

“The event was well organized, the games and music were entertaining but at the same time very educational.” said Kevin Palma, 19.

Heredia clarified what the poster “Deforestation” was about. She explained how the trees and plants absorb about 250 gallons of water and how there are more risks of flood as these trees are cut down.

Across from the booths were 15 posters of what everyone can do to help. Alternative ways of conserving energy, helping out with the community, reducing waste, protecting wildlife and such.

“It makes the students think, informing them of the different roles they can play in helping the planet,” said Heredia.

Another poster regarding global warming listed facts, encouraging everyone to find other ways of using energy to reverse emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Raffle tickets were sold for $2 for a chance to win a bicycle, as an environmentally friendly means of transportation.

“You’d think people would be more aware of the crises we’re dealing with, and everyone would do their part in saving the environment. This is our home and we must protect it.” said Geofrey Mejia, 20.

The president of the club, Tina Davtyan, said “that all the equipment used in the festival, including blenders and such, are solar-powered.”