Lamborhini Draws a Crowd of Admirers at Tech Expo

Sharese Mirzakhanyan

A technology expo, held on March 25 and 26 in Plaza Vaquero, was a chance for students to explore opportunities in technology and engineering available on campus.

A white 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo was on display during the event and featured wheels designed by GCC students. The car was loaned to the college by Forgito, a local wheel design company.

According to Tom Ferguson, who teaches in the technology department, the vast majority of students on campus are unaware of the classes offered in the field of technology.

“The purpose is to expose students to computer technological programs,” Ferguson said. They offer courses such as architectural engineering, electronics, computer science, welding, and manufacturing.

Aram Ohanis, an instructor in the program, said “the intention of the event was to promote technology driven courses and make our students on campus aware of it and that these industries are highly in demand of skilled workers. This was a chance to promote the classes we offer at on campus.”

Courses offered include Machine Technology and Machine Practice. In the engineering sequence, students can take Introduction to Engineering, Engineering Drafting and Basic Design, Advanced Engineering Drawing, Basic Autocad Applications. Courses offered in Computer-Aided-Manufacturing include Cam Basic Milling, Cam Basic Milling Practice, and Cam Inter Mill Laboratory

The programs offer specific certificates after a certain number of units are completed.

“We are teaching students skills required in the field of technology. The students acquire the skills that they will need to succeed in what they choose to pursue,” Ferguson said.

Careers in this field include and are not limited to machinists, programmers, mechanical engineers, and manufacturing engineers.

“Nobody we are aware of has anywhere near the technology and equipment that Glendale has – from Pasadena City College all the way to L.A. Valley College,” said Ohanis. “I don’t think anyone can touch us, we have the best technology.”

The college hosts classes for both USC and Woodbury. They use the facilities and technologies on campus to manufacture their ideas because GCC uses top software programs such as Auto Cad, Solid Works, Rino, and 3-D Studio.

Students learn how to do programming in the computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided drafting courses. They learn how to draw, design, and manufacture.

Computer-aided-manu-facturing includes beginning and advances courses. It is split
into two areas: hardware and software.

Ferguson has been teaching at the college for about seven years. He previously worked in the technology industry for about 18 years. He worked as an engineering designer and helped build the F-22 Raptor Jet.

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