Forensics Finally Getting Noticed

Chabeli Sanchez

“When I joined the team people asked me whether I was from Glendale Community College in California or Glendale Community College in Arizona,” said Tiffany Brian, a forensics team member.”

“Now at the end of my second year on the team everyone knows that when Robert, Grant, James, Ashley, myself, and all the other GCC students show up that we are representing Southern California – and we mean business. We are becoming an unstoppable force that people resent. It’s the best feeling in the world,” said Brian.

The forensics team started in 2005 with only two people aboard. Today it has grown to around 60 people.

This year alone the college has won first place at both Community College Sweepstakes (CCS) at District and Long Beach, also finishing second place at CCS at Point Loma. The list goes on and on, with far too many trophies to even count.

Not only is the college as a whole taking gold home these days, but individual forensics team members are winning as well. Brian and duo partner Robert Cannon took First place at Biola University as well as in Austin, Texas. These are only two of the many participants who took home awards. Below are the awards taken from the March 15 state tournament.

Whitney Dixon – Bronze
Ryan Robbins – Silver

Tiffany Brain – Bronze
David Machen – Bronze
Stephanie Pease – Bronze

DI (Dramatic Interpertation):
Tiffany Brain – Silver
Stephanie Pease – Bronze

Parli Team (Parlimentary Debate):
James Heller & Grant Toumasian – Bronze

Parli LD Debate (Parlimentary Debate/ Lincoln Douglas):
James Heller – Bronze
Grant Toumasian – Silver

Upcoming tournaments for the team include, AFA (American Forensics Association), NFA (National Forensics Academy), and Phi Ro Pi.
The forensics team is always preparing, usually beginning in the summer and continuing year round, gladly welcoming participants.

“There are no actual requirements to join our team,” said coach Ira Heffler. “We welcome everyone. Strong speech skills are not a prerequisite. Some students enjoy observing speech and debate tournaments. Other students help with fundraising, and other events. Everyone is involved in one way or another.”

Being a part of this unstoppable force is not only rewarding for the students, but for the coaches as well. “It’s not only satisfying, but actually quite thrilling to watch how our squad has grown and improved the last three years. I am extremely proud of our squad. GCC is highly regarded in the forensics circuit,” Heffler said.

Director of forensics, Jean Perry said, “desire is the greatest determinant,” and desire is only one of the many strengths this team has to take them to the top.