Students Rush to Aid of Assaulted Instructor

Claudia Anaya

The first cry for help was heard on Feb. 19 in the library building outside room 200.

Vahan Grigoryan, 25, sat still, as did others, not knowing what to think after hearing the second scream of a woman outside in the hallway.

Ye Phone, 19, International Relations major, stepped outside after the third yell for help.

“It was around 6:40 a.m., she screamed for help and said that she was punched in the face twice,” said Liz Gomez, 22. “It was pretty scary.”

An English teacher was on her knees, bag on the floor, and hands covering her face, Phone recalls as he chased after the suspect.

“He hit me on the head,” Grigoryan remembers the teacher saying as she cried.

Both Grigoryan and Ye remember chasing the suspect off the campus to parking lot 34 trying to persuade him to turn himself in.

As they followed him, the suspect told Phone “you wouldn’t understand,” because “I was abused and picked on.”

The suspect ran to his car, Phone recalls, and after getting the suspect’s license plate number, Grigoryan called 911.

The next day GCC police went to former student, Grayr Markosyan’s home to question him. Since Markosyan was not at home, the police spoke with his mother. Later the same day Markosyan, 24, went to the GCC police department.

There “he was identified as the suspect by two students through the GCC ID database,” said Chief of Police Steve Wagg.

Markosyan was arrested by GCC police and charged with battery against a school employee on Feb. 20, according to a statement released by GCC police.

When Markosyan was asked why he had done it, he refused to speak without an attorney present, Wagg said.

“His car fit the description of the suspect’s car and he was identified by two students, it was open and shut case at that
point” said Wagg.

GCC police used the Glendale city police facilities to detain Markosyan until Feb. 21, when Markosyan was released based on his background and his own recognizance.

The Glendale police department was unable to release any information; Markosyan will attend court again on March 20.

An emergency 14-day restraining order was placed on Markosyan after the arrest and he will be served an extended restraining order to prevent him from being on school grounds today, said Chief Wagg.

GCC’s police department is looking into adding additional stalking charges said Wagg.

Wagg said that the instructor was upset, sustained some injuries and is now doing better.

The English teacher’s classes have been cancelled or taken over by other instructors.