Scholars Win Awards at UC Irvine

Ross Coleman

The GCC Scholars program had huge success at the UCI Honor Student Research Conference on March 1. The conference is an opportunity for the students to present research paper topics in a university forum and the possibility of being printed in a University of California publication.

Five members of the program represented GCC and for their contributions came home with scholarships. The members are Annie Varvaryan, Yasmin Abedin, Andrew Pardo, Shoghakat Chilingaryan, and Sergio Hidalgo.

Varvaryan’s topic was “Morality: Drives, Limitations, Impositions and Standards.” She was helped by Dr. Michael Harnett. The team of Abedin, Pardo, Chilingaryan, and Hidalgo presented a paper called “Was Newton Wrong? Black Body Radiation vs. Convection.” Their faculty member was Professor Peter Stathis.

Varvaryan, along with the scholarship she was awarded, also was awarded the Scholars Excellence Award.