Parking Structure Elevator Delayed Again

Sarah Elkeaikati

Unfortunately for students, faculty, and staff the?use of the elevators in the walking bridge tower has been pushed back to the beginning of winter semester.

The elevators in the parking structure are fully operational, however, the elevator inspector did not approve of those in the tower.

The original date for the complete project to be open for use was set for Dec. 1, and all except the tower elevators met this deadline.

According to Director of Business Services Bill Taylor, the elevator inspector felt that there should be an air conditioner in the?equipment room?near the engine of the elevators, in case temperatures rose and the machinery overheated.

The tower designers had the engine open to the outside and felt that outside air would be enough to keep the engine from overheating. The inspector, however, did not agree.

Taylor said that the air conditioning unit should be completed by mid-December and the elevators will be operational by the beginning of winter session.

The shuttle service will continue until then.