Elevator Construction Continues

Sarah Elkeaikati

The construction continues on Mountain Street and in the new parking structure as students and faculty members patiently wait for the completion of the all-important elevators in the free-standing tower and in the structure.

According to Bill Taylor, director of business services, the entire project is right on schedule, with the entrance road and traffic signals set to be completed on Nov. 2.

The parking structure elevators will become operational on Nov. 15, and those in the free-standing tower on Dec. 1.

The shuttle buses that have been provided by the school will remain in use until Dec. 1, when all construction is completed. This has come as great news to any student or faculty member who has had the long climb up cardiac hill.

“No one wants to park in the new structure because of all the flights of stairs,” said engineering major, Shant Danielian, 20. “When the elevators are finished, the parking situation will be a lot better.”

The cost for the entire project has not yet been determined, but the contract for the structure, tower, and bridge totals approximately $26 million.

This new addition to the campus has already improved the parking situation, and once the elevators are functional, parking will be that much more accessible.