Changes in Bus Routes Looks to Benefit Community, Students

Lenin Lau

The changes proposed by the Glendale Traffic and Transportation Division to the Beeline will increase bus transportation to Glendale College and provide bus transportation from south Glendale to the College.

The proposed changes, approved by the Division of Traffic and Transportation, will be brought before the Glendale City Council for final approval on June 1.

The new routes include changes to Route 3, elimination of bus Route 7 and the addition of two new bus lines.

Under the new proposal, Route 3, which originates at the Glendale Galleria and ends at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, would start at the Glendale Metrolink Station and travel north on Brand Boulevard to Broadway, and end at Glendale College.

The new route 3 would allow students who live south of Broadway Boulevard and live on the Glendale-Atwater border to get to school without having to take an additional bus ride.

Also, Route 7 would be eliminated and replaced by the new Route 9.

The new route would begin at the Glendale Galleria on Central Avenue. It would then circle southbound around the galleria to Pacific Boulevard, then travel north past Glenoaks Boulevard, where it would resume the path originally donned by Route 7.

In addition to these changes, an entirely new bus route will be added: Route 8.

Route 8 will begin at Glendale Avenue and San Fernando Road and continue straight up toward Verdugo Road via Glendale Avenue. This route will stop at the college but will continue up to north Glendale before returning back the same route.

“I think its a good idea that the Beeline will change,” said Glendale Student Paul Levera, “because many students have to take more than one bus to get to school and this can be a hassle.

These improvements are not without a price.
If the new proposal were to be approved, the Beeline fare would increase from 25 cents to 50 cents in order to offset the costs incurred by the addition of these new routes.

“Every five years we look at our transit system,” said Jano Baghdanian,Traffic and Transportation Administrator of Glendale, “and we look at our service levels and try to increase efficiency.”