ASGCC Awards Clubs With Emergency Funding for Campus-Related Projects

Kara Aranas

The Associated Students legislature debated Tuesday how funds would be allocated to organizations and clubs on campus. In the end, there were both winners and losers.
Campus Project Support (CPS) uses student government funds to benefit the various organizations and clubs on campus that serve students.

The legislature’s job is to determine what money will go to the groups requesting it.
A list of those organizations was provided at the meeting for ASGCC President David Arakelyan to discuss with the rest of the committee.

The Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) requested funding for food and supplies for Pe§a, a fund-raiser event hosted by the club every year.
“The ALAS funds should come from their club money, not from CPS,” said Arakelyan, as he
explained why the request
was denied.

The Athletics department requested $3,000 to help purchase a commercial washing machine normally costing between $6,500 to $10,000.
Arakelyan explained that they do not approve more than one project per department, and that they already approved a previous request for an electrotherapy system to expedite the healing process for the athletes.

Both Theatre Arts and the Music department requested a copy machine, but Arakelyan explained that large scale equipment such as copy machines should be the college’s responsibility and should not come from student f-unds.

The Center for Students with Disabilities request for an interpreter for deaf students on the track team was granted.
The Study Abroad Program was granted its request for funds to avoid the cancellation of the program.

The Academic Decathlon received its request for awards, supplies, and equipment for the event.

The Delta Sigma Omicron asked support to aid the Disabled Student Fair and AS granted the request.

The Counseling Department will now be able to provide tours for the Garfield Campus students.

Speech and Communications will get the financial help they need to participate in a national competition.

National Field Studies can now purchase a heavy canvas tent for its program.
The cheer Team needs a carpeted mat to accommodate training and safety needs. AS approved its $3,000 request.

Student Outreach Services wanted to purchase a laptop and a projector for off-campus presentations had their requests granted by the legislature also.

“CPS is meant to help these organizations give back to students without taking too much away from them,” said Arakelyan.

Finally, the legislature also discussed another important matter: the student government election petitions that will be circulated starting May 9. Those interested in running for office need at least 100 signatures from students to qualify for the ballot.