Senator of Campus Organizations Resigns

Kara Aranas

AS president David Arakelyan announced that the Senator of Campus Organizations, Mitzi Mendoza, resigned from her position, due to an accident she was recently in which required surgery. Arakelyan said that it will not change anything in the ASGCC legislature since they are planning to appoint someone to that position next week.

The student government is also organizing a Campus Beautification committee that will help maintain the campus and makes changes to the way the campus looks. They are currently working on putting up signs and maps around the campus to help those who do not know their way around the college campus. They are also working on providing the campus with maps that reflect the new building, which is currently under construction.

An Adviser Appreciation Day was held in the JW Smith Student Center on March 27 at noon. The student government does this every semester as a way of thanking those who take the position of advisor for a club. Food was served for those who attended.

An upcoming project that the student government is preparing to be a part of is a documentary. Eric Stern who is a part of a company called Doc Workers that that uses documentaries to make aware of national issues, is working on a documentary titled, “In Debt We Trust.” What Stern is trying to do is explore the world of debt, such as national debt, consumer debt and of course college debt, and relating it to the government. Glendale Community College was selected to be a part of this project along with other schools such as UCLA. AS is currently trying to set up a team for this project and will provide more information when everything is set up.

As a part of the discussion, Arakelyan just wanted to remind his staff to do the best job that they can,”You would want to use your time wisely here [in student government],don’t try to get away from responsibility” said AS president David Arakelyan, “It will be better for the community and for everybody.”