Online UpdateFatal Car Accident Interrupts Classes

A fatal car accident at the intersection of Verdugo Road and Mountain Avenue on Tuesday evening caused a major traffic tie up on the major arteries leading to Glendale College, interrupting classes for hundreds of GCC students.

In a campus-wide e-mail to GCC faculty and staff sent Wednesday evening, Steven White, vice president of instructional services, asked instructors to excuse students that were either late or absent to their Tuesday evening classes due to the accident.

“I am asking all Tuesday evening instructors to show compassion for students who either arrived late or failed to show up for this class, since the traffic problems could have been the cause,” wrote White. “Given the circumstances, please do not penalize tardy students or drop ‘no shows’ until at least next Tuesday.”

Tuesday was the first day of evening classes at GCC.

White also asked instructors who were not able to teach their evening classes on Tuesday to contact Associate Dean of Instruction Scot Spicer.

“The accident and the emergency response that followed created a monumental traffic jam which lasted for almost two hours in certain directions,” wrote White.

According to White’s e-mail, several cars were involved, multiple people were injured and one person was killed. As of press time, no GCC students were reportedly involved in the accident, and no further information was available.

El Vaquero will provide additional information as it becomes available.