Online UpdateAngelides’ Gubernatorial Plans Look to Benefit College Students

El Vaquero Features Editor

Former Lakers star Earvin “Magic” Johnson and former President Bill Clinton were key note speakers at a dinner held at the Beverly Hilton on Aug. 1 in honor of democratic nominee for governor and California State Treasurer Phil Angelides.

“We are going to build a California where we sacrifice and do the right thing by the next generation so they can do better than we have had the chance to do,” said Angelides to the approximately 450 guests in attendance.

On May 30, Angelides paid a surprise visit to GCC just before the primaries. Some key points made at the dinner party during his speech echoed several issues addressed before students and faculty in Kreider Hall.

During his discourse on campus, Angelides stated that one of his first acts as governor would be to “roll back community college fees.”

Clinton believes that Angelides is the person to help, not only lowering the cost of education, but also keeping the students in school so they can earn degrees and make a living once they get out.

According to Angelides, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is saying that “Angelides wants to make California move backwards.” He replied to this statement by saying that if Clinton’s policies were backwards, than that’s what he wants to do. He also reminded those in attendance that California schools were the best in the nation when Clinton was in office.

“We can do great things,” said Angelides. “We can make sure that more of our young people go to college, we can make sure they have the best teachers, the smallest class sizes and the best technology.”

While at the podium, the 42nd president stressed that “A poll is a picture of a horse race that is not over.” Clinton reminded guests that he was running in third place during the presidential California primaries.

This point was raised due to the fact that prior to the primaries, polls showed that Angelides’ running mate for democratic nominee, State Controller Steve Westly, had a better chance of beating Schwarzenegger in November’s general election.

Clinton believes that California is a big enough state that it can set an example for the rest of the country.

If California can lower the cost of colleges, get better health care coverage and lead the fight against global warming, he feels that other states, if not other countries, will follow suite.

“They [Republicans] think that America’s greatness resides in our wealthy elite,” said Clinton. “We Democrats think that our greatness resides in our people.

“Our obligation is to empower everybody, to give everybody a chance to live the American dream and I trust [Angelides] to do that.”