El Vaquero Editor Injured

The editor in chief of El Vaquero, Jane Pojawa, broke her wrist in a fall at Forest Lawn Glendale Sunday while covering a story for the paper.

Pojawa was at the wake for Glendale College Freshman Oscar Torres, who died on Dec. 1 as the result of a Thanksgiving Day hit-and-run accident, when she tripped and fell down a stairway.

On Sunday evening her wrist was encased in a plaster cast, but after reviewing X-rays her doctor decided to operate. On Tuesday, a steel plate and pins were implanted.

Although she has said she is recovering successfully, Pojawa was unable to work on the final edition of the paper for the semester.
Pojawa, 38, and her husband Jeryd, also a student at Glendale College, live in La Cañada.
A former nurse, Pojawa is a returning student enrolled in photography, journalism and computer classes on campus.