El Vaquero Nets Record Number of Wins at Community Colleges Convention

El Vaquero Editor in Chief

The El Vaquero staff was recognized on Saturday for this year’s
achievements, as well as some spontaneous accomplishments.

The Journalism Association of Community Colleges (JACC) hosts conferences for member schools in Northern and Southern California in the autumn, and a state-wide convention in the spring.

Approximately 70 member colleges participate, with staffs as few as Glendale’s, or as many as 20. The weekend gatherings feature guest speakers, workshops and seminars as well as mail-in, bring-in and
on-the-spot competitions.

El Vaquero generally does well in these competitions, but this year the newspaper staff outdid itself with 20 awards, which we believe to be an all-time high for this campus.

As Editor in Chief, I would like to congratulate my team
on a job well done, and thank the staff that preceded us for setting the bar so
high. To credit these winners, here is a list of competition, ranking, and name:

Awards in the ‘Mail-in’ Category

Honrable Mentions

1. Critical Review: Daniel
2. In-depth News Story/Series: Jessica Lopez
3. News
Story: Jeremy Casabella
4. Sports Game Story: Ramtin

5. Photo Illustration: Benjamin Grenard
6. Inside
Page Layout, Tabloid: Maria Kornalian
7. Copy Editing: Violeta

8. Opinion Writing: Kasia Faughn
9. Bring-in
Infographic: Jane Pojawa
10. Bring-in Advertisement: Jane

Fourth Place Awards

1. Critical Review: Geghard
2. Online Photo: Cynthia Perry

Third Place Awards

1. News Story: Jeremy
2. Photo Illustration: Elizabeth Linares
Front Page Layout, Tabloid: Maria Kornalian

Second Place Awards

1. Photo Story/Essay: Cynthia Perry

First Place Awards

1. Online Photo: Cynthia

General Excellence Awards:

1. Online Journalism:
Michael J. Arvizu

Awards in the ‘Bring-in/On-the-Spot’ Category

Honrable Mentions

1. Copy Editing: Violeta Arrazola
Opinion Writing:
Kasia Faughn
3. Bring-in
Jane Pojawa
4. Bring-in
Advertisement: Jane Pojawa

Fourth Place

1. Feature Photo: Oliver Tan

First Place

1. Feature Story: Marie
Pauline Guiuan