Online UpdateEl Vaquero Brings Home the Gold

El Vaquero won the following awards at the 50th annual Journalism Association of Community Colleges convention in Sacramento.

Additional awards plus links to award-winning stories will be posted as they are announced.

Awards in the ‘Bring In’ Category (2004):

Honorable Mention

1. Front Page Layout (tabloid)
2. Critical Review: Geghard Arakelian

First Place Award

Investigative Reporting: Bianca Gallegos |
GCC Students Find Ways to Cheat (Part I)
Some Students Cheat by Lying About Identity (Part II)

Third Place Award

Photo Essay: Cynthia Perry

Fourth Place Award

1. News Feature: Nancy Agbenu

General Excellence Award

1. Online Journalism: Michael J. Arvizu |

Awards in the ‘Bring In’ Category (2005)

Honrable Mention

1. Photo: Elizabeth Linares

Fourth Place Award

1. Photo: Elizabeth Linares

Second Place Award

1. Advertisement: Benjamin Grenard

Awards in the On-the-Spot Category

Honorable Mention

1. Sports Photo: Cynthia Perry

Fourth Place Award

1. News Photo: Cynthia Perry