Buses Provide an Alternative to Driving

El Vaquero Staff Writer

For some students it’s not about not having a car. For others who take the bus to school the reason is the rising cost of gas, the expense of the parking permit or the frustration of finding a parking spot.

Using the bus to commute may take longer, but many feel that by not driving to school they are saving money and the aggravation of facing the overcrowded streets and parking lots.

“It is cheaper because gas is more expensive and you don’t have to worry about parking,” said GCC student Visnu Luna who takes the Metro Bus from Eagle Rock.

There are many options to get to campus if you do not have a car or simply don’t want to deal with finding a parking spot Students may walk, ride their bikes, and have friends or family drive them or take the bus.

The bus is one of the more common ways to get to school for non-driving students. A ride on the Metro Bus will cost anywhere from $1.25 each way to an all day Metro pass for $3. The Beeline only costs 25 cents per ride.

Lines 90 and 91 take students who live in the downtown area of L.A. to GCC and it also takes students as far as Sunland to GCC as well. Line 85 takes students from Century City to Glendale College.

If you live near the Metro Link you can also take that down to Glendale and have the Beeline will pick you up at the station and take you to GCC.

When Anita Espinoza goes to school she takes the Metro Link from Northridge to Glendale and then takes the Beeline. This commute takes Espinoza only 45 minutes.

“I beat the traffic by taking the train and I get here quicker. If I took my dads SUV to school I would be spending a lot on gas,” said Espinoza. According to her when the Beeline picks her up from the train station she rides it f free if she shows the bus driver her Metro Link ticket.

“For me it’s the parking,” said student Graciela Garcia. “I only have to walk two blocks to the bus stop, and it gets me here quick. If you ride the bus you will not have to struggle with parking,” said GCC student Graciela Garcia.

Garcia has a car and lives close to GCC but rides the bus because parking is too crazy and frustrating for her. “If you buy the $50 parking pass you should be guaranteed a parking space,” said Garcia.
For other GCC students getting rides to campus is a great way to get to school. These students get dropped off right in front of the school.

Carlos Padilla, a GCC student has his father drop him off to class in the morning. When his classes are done, Padilla then takes a bus home.

“I don’t have to spend time parking, or warming up the car,” said Padilla of his commute to school.