Cadets Blaze Through Training

“Today’s lesson, class… is to
lower your classmates out
of a third story window. Any

Maybe not in your computer
science class, or economics
seminar, but at Glendale Arroyo
Seco Fire Academy there is no
shortage of volunteers.
Dependability and faith in your
team members are the first lessons
taught to students who hope to
work someday as fire fighters.
During their one-year program,
students in the academy will rappel
down buildings, climb hundred-foot
ladders and burn cars, buildings,
airplanes and landscape, all to
prepare for roles in the fire service.
Recently, the school’s seventh
graduating class spent a day
learning the “rescue systems,”
pictured here. These include the use
of ladders, harnesses and ropes to
transport injured people to safety
through difficult terrain like that of
an earthquake or explosion site.
Students also spend classroom time
on conduct, fire chemistry, fire
regulation and law.

Applications are being accepted
for the fall 2005 class. To find
more information about the
Glendale Arroyo Seco Fire Academy,
contact GCC councelor Donna
Capka at Ext. 5981 or visit their
Web site at