120 Classes Added to Schedule

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The college will spend thousands of dollars to reinstate a total of 120 classes in the summer and fall sessions this year in order to increase the student percentage growth.

“Classes that are in high demand have been added; they are mostly required classes that students need to take,” said Steve White, vice president of instructional services. Additional sections of classes were added for the summer session including English 101, college algebra, ESL classes, and other required classes.

Out of the 120 classes added, 20 of them are in the summer session. Compared to the 2003 summer session, this will be a 15 percent increase. The 100 classes left of the 120 will be reinstated in the fall.

The state will be able to spend money on reinstating classes for the summer and fall sessions at GCC because they are both part of the coming fiscal year, 2004-2005.

The state will spend an estimate of $350,000 in adding these classes at GCC but final numbers will not be known until Aug. or Sept. of 2004 said White. It will then receive an estimate of more than $1 million in revenue. This will be a positive change in contrast to the $5 million that was lost in state funding in the spring of 2003. “We have to grow and increase the percentage of students in order to get more revenue,” said White. In comparison to previous years, there will be a 3 percent increase in student growth and classes said White.

This fiscal year [2003-2004] many budget cuts were made in the college due to the $63 million cut in California. The cuts affected many of the students because of the class cuts that were made. The school was therefore affected because it received a low percentage of student growth.

Many of the classes were cut because the faculty had to be reduced. The cuts included letting go of an estimate of 30 classified and management personnel. An estimate of 50 part-time instructors were dismissed completely and all other part-time instructors hours were reduced up to 200 hours. Full-time teachers were not affected. This left the school with virtually low resources of providing classes for students.

“Despite all the cuts that were made last year, this year will not be as bad as the previous two years when there were more cuts through classes and administration cuts,” said White. There is no plans on having any cuts made at the college at this time said White.

Jessica Calderon, a GCC student, feels she will benefit because of the changes, “I’m glad there is a better variety in class times this summer because I work and I need to be flexible with times,” said Calderon.

The summer session will begin on June 21 and will go through July 30. Schedules of classes for the summer are available for $1 at the information desk in the administration building.