ASA Remembers Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Student Association (ASA) remembered the Armenian Genocide, which happened in 1915, at a memorial event in the Plaza Vaquero on Apr. 23.

Many of the speakers spoke from their hearts about the genocide, such as ASA member Anna Hovakimyan.

“It was 1915 when 1.5 million Armenians were killed. They died for their religion, and for their culture; now our only goal is for the genocide to be recognized throughout the world,” Hovakimyan said. One of the Armenians killed was Hovakimyan’s grandparents.

Many areas in Los Angeles will also remember the genocide on Saturday, as April 24 is the designated date to commemorate the tragedy.

One such event will take place at the Turkish Consulate on the corner of Wilshire and June in downtown Los Angeles at 4 p.m.