Club Raises Funds to Reinstate Classes

El Vaquero Staff Writer

To help bring back the cut classes at GCC, the “Save Our Classes Club” (SOCC) is doing its best effort to restore the lost classes due to the budget cuts.

This semester, 120 classes had been cut, with a total of 500 classes removed. Of those cut, 7 of the classes, including classes in the English, math and social science departments, were reinstated by Steve White, vice president of instructional services, thanks to the SOCC efforts.

Comprised of dedicated students and faculty members, including the president of the club, Patrick O’Green, the SOCC is raising money by doing various activities that not only get GCC students involved, but also helps the students get back their much needed classes with the money raised from fund-raises.

“All the money we raise goes to the GCC Foundation to return classes we have lost due to the budget cuts,” said Patrick O’Green. “Last semester we raised $884 for the Foundation and also sponsored a car wash for the GCC Health Center Emergency Fund which raised $122 on what was to be a weekend off.”

These dedicated and ambitious faculty members and students spend their weekends washing cars and organizing swap meets, trying to raise enough money so that GCC can become a stronger educational environment. “Basically the SOCC is made of students and faculty who want to make a positive difference here at GCC and we do what we can do, when we can do it,” said O’Green.

The SOCC has three to five car washes a semester, held in front of the GCC auditorium. The organization also sets up a table for a flea market on the third Sunday of every month (space #351) trying to get GCC students to participate in the SOCC cause.

GCC students are encouraged to attend and contribute at these special events so that they themselves can benefit by helping bring back needed classes.

To ensure the success of the Save Our Classes Club, other GCC clubs are getting involved and participating in basketball games to raise money.
The participants each pay $5 to play against other GCC clubs. Onlookers pay $1 to watch a fantastic and competitive game, and at the same time helped their school out.

“The basketball game is basically a friendly competition between organizations from our campus,” said Narine Tadevosyan, senator of campus organizations. “We are raising money to bring our classes back.
The profits from the game go the SOCC. On March 25, a basketball game was held, with the Social Science team playing against the Bookstore. The Social Science team won 52-32. The championships were held on March 30. The Armenian Student Association (ASA) played against the Information Technology/Admissions team, mostly composed of faculty members.

The team was in the lead throughout the game, with a score of 26-23 in the half. ASA was very close to tying the game, but the end result was 46-38, and the faculty members won.

Once again, there was a very supportive crowd, divided into two sections, each cheering for their own team.

The enthusiasm was terrific, and so was the energetic atmosphere.
Not only is raising money to bring back the cut classes important for GCC students, it can also be a thrilling experience.